Moxsabir models are equipped with outstanding features for workshops, factories and outsourcers.


Our  models of edge banding machines have caught a raising trend of systems patented to Haki SABIR since it started to manufacture these systems and taken its place after the Kutalmış models that have gained the appreciation of its users.



The monthly manufacture of our Expert edge banding machines being manufactured in Ankara Ostim went beyond the targeted quantities in 2011.


Our Export models the popularity of which is increasing more and more has been reaching its users in many countries.


Magic heading and end cutting and round off has taken its places and achieved success the supreme features that are patented to only Expert models and units such as thin, thick glassed automatic pass, plc colored touch screen, quantities meter automatic pricing, double pallet system, side pressure that do not press on front and rear surfaces, radius scrapping that do not cause blockage and canalization in the world and of which are understood by its users.


Expert models of us are equipped with supreme features. We have reached many users with our campaign (the best quality, unique price). Our company is going to specify a new strategy with a franchising network in and outside of country in the following months.

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