We know all the problems experienced by users of imported edge banding machines, we carriedout and examined service and maintenance of imported machines for years. Users state and weknow that there are problems in side pressing, trim, scraping, powder chips collection along withcomplicated operation and adjustment, covering more area than necessary and system problems….

(result may vary according to models).

What are the differences in palette systems?

Overprinting wheels clutching and grip is not efficient enough.

Double palette system coated with rubber which is patented to HAKI SABIR clutches narrow and bigparts in a stronger way

What are the differences in Glue Sprading systems?

Pur Glue Jet Patented to Haki SABIR
Water Proof Edge Banding
Easy Cleaning Of Gluepot After Using PUR Glue
Hassle Free Cleaning
Available İn Colours
No Glue Line Perfect Bonding
Anything to Anything Glue

What are the differences in side pressing systems?

The systems, which apply pressure on the excess parts on the front and rear sides during first pulling and cutting, creates projecting parts.

Side printing system that is patented to HAKI SABIR sees mdf, chipboard etc. material via sensors and it is the only machine that does not apply pressure to excess parts on the front and rear sides of the material to be glued.


How do trim systems work? What are the advantages in head-end cutting corner rounding?

Head-end process machines carrying out corner rounding with 3 or more blades create problemsat machine joining points such as intervention. It is impossible to prevent this in multiple-bladeprocessing systems; despite of better accuracy adjustments the problem is not caused by settings butcaused by not performing the exact same production in sharpening the blades.

Therefore problem of leaving marks and intervention cannot be solved. Machines working withmultiple blade processing systems are the systems which are inclined to intervene and leave marks.

These cause low quality for the customers and efforts are wasted, which is a big problem.

TOP PROCESSING HEAD & END CORNER ROUNDING (MAGIC) : No intervention and adjustmentproblems occur in head, end and top processing system which is patented to HAKI SABIR, easy to use,moves towards one direction with one blade and processes three surfaces of the piece, and whichdoes not damage the piece on nodular cast steel chassis.

Why are trim engine connection systems are different?

The systems whose engine connections are performed on the foot expand because of heating andsettings change.

You never experience setting changes caused by heating and expansion of engine, in the systemspatented to HAKI SABIR.



How does the scraping group work?

In the current systems there are clogging and skipping problems. The system that is patented to HAKISABIR is the only scraping unit which is pneumatic, which have independent bottom and top radius,and which causes no clogging.

Imported Machines That Are Extremely Expensive Do Not Have Such Features. Why  MOXSABIR Models

While There Are Machines Working With Recognized Systems?

You will never experience problems of leaving mark and intervention thanks to the system whichhas been used for years and patented to HAKI SABIR, which processes three surfaces with one blade.

Machine’s length covers smaller place up to 3 times when compared with other machines. They arethe shortest machines of the world, therefore you will save space in your workshop or factory. Takingelectricity etc. costs into account, it has advantages with features which are not owned even by themost expensive machines of the world.

MOXA1 Models are the Shortest Machines of The World, How Can They Have Higher Processing


Machine’s length only displays its electricity consumption, being complicated and the space coveredby it. The most important feature of edge banding machines is the processing quality and beingsimple. When you add the scraping system which is patented to HAKI SABIR that does not clog orskip, MOXSABIR Models have higher performance.

Why the MOXA1 Models, Instead of Imported Edge Banding Machines?

This is the ultimate point reached thanks to systems patented to HAKI SABIR, which is equipped withfeatures that are not available in any machine in the world, as the result of long years of research.

Trust in the systems patented to HAKI SABIR, because the biggest investments in R&D is made by us.

We know that the chips falling on processed materials lower the quality. Our main success resultsfrom never following the easiest way by creating imitations; we owe our success to our blade andtrim systems that collect the dust and chips as the result of our unmatched R&D studies; our doublepalette system that clutches strongly and accurately, our engine connection and our scraping systemwhich does not clog or skip.

Your machines are very different from the others, will I experience service problems?

Our trained technical employees perform the installation for free and give trainings.

Systems patented to HAKI SABIR are produced in such a simple way they do not require services.

Even users can perform the machine installations at any location of the world thanks to our technicalservice videos, which are available at our web pages.

All processes are carried out with simple systems; electronic systems are isolated from dust and chip environment, our machines whose production systems are also patented are produced as standard

with puzzle attachment system and production mistakes are reduced to minimum.

Our company shares the advantage of being the producing company and offers the most economical machines of the world which are a first with their features that are not even owned by the mostexpensive machines, with its motto “Best Quality, Low Price”.

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