As a manufacturer of special and patented machinery for woodworking, moxabir machinery exports 70% of its production. Started as service provider for maintenance of machinery, the company developed its own machinery. Ayşe SABIR, Foreign Trade Manager of Sabir machinery, informed about her company and activities.


What kind of product do you offer for the furniture industry?

We have been serving in the wood working industry since 1981. We realized several first in the country and in the world, thanks to our experience and to our patented smart and functional systems. Our machines are still in operation in more than forty countries that all deserved the appreciations of our customers. We both develop and export technology. We take the lead in the development of new machinery for woodworking. We invest the most in R&D activities. Having exclusive intellectual rights, know-how and systems, we became a position to sign license agreements in the world, as the owner of our Moxsabir brand.


Info about production facility and capacity

In addition to our investments in Turkey we started operations in Ukraine in 2001, in Azerbaijan in 2008, in Iran in 2011, in Russia in 2012 and lastly in India in 2015.

We reorganized our sales and production activities. We targeted to engage in some new activities in the years ahead. Increasing sales are the best proof of our success to be a trusted company in the eyes of our buyers.


Info about new product development process

Our success depends on our efforts to develop original machinery, without coping any other model. We have products for vacuuming dust and chips, for trimming, double palette  system for clamping, and stretching systems. moxabir is the only company that manufacture side banding, fastest tool changing CNC and pvc band sticking machinery. We both develop technology and export it to world markets. We are the only firm that participates in the fair in Far East. The USA is our next target.


On the position of Turkey in the sector

We are aware of the problems of users of the CNC machinery and side banding machine systems. We have served and offered maintenance services for imported machinery for years. We have an accumulated knowledge in the business. Most of the machines produced in Turkey are made by copying others. However, we make original machinery.


Info about export activities, target countries and regions

The machinery that were manufactured in Turkey and in India are all operational in the for corners of the world. 70 % of our products are exported. Having a motto of “single price the best quality” our firm sells specially equipped machinery at economic prices.


Furnitech Magazine

Mar 30, 2016



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