The technological developments in furniture sector affect the expansion of methods of manufactures and variety of products used for the manufacture and hence results in the change of preferences. With the change of preferences, there is a necessity of new tools and equipments.

During this process of development we consider the membrane presses as a requirement. However, dealing with this subject without carrying a detailed research and analysis out may cause some difficulties. For instance; we give support to all investors by resolving problems such as the plate size of the machine to be purchased, the supply of the folio to be used, covering thickness as per the preference and supply of the covering, the possibility of the machine to make addition and cheap costs, cutting process or application of the planoconcave parts in these machines.

Regarding the features of the vacuum membrane press; The dimensions of outer shaft are 1920x1890x2800. The control structure of the machinery is plc controlled and the necessary training documents shall be given to our customer. The principle to be considered in PLC controlled vacuum membrane press is the capacity and performance of the vacuum engines. Our machine has upper and lower vacuum and has two vacuums having 4kw/1500 cir/min power. The pressing engine has 1,1kw 2800 cir/min power and also 5.5 kg/cm2 pressing pressure, 5 bar surface weighting pressure. The graduated press exerted on surfaces is provided electronically. Pressure and vacuum arrangements are being carried out electronically and obtained values can be read both in electronic environment and manually.

The distribution of implemented heat transfers are carried out with 15 pieces 1400 watt resistances and the control of the resistances are carried out with electronic relays that have the feature of on off 1000 times in second.

The lower plate of our machine has a special equipment that has air conditioning features. The plate dimensions of the machine are 1400x2500x80 mm and have the feature of manual loading and discharge. As we have customer-based company we can cater to our customers. For instance, we can add (1400x2500x80) or (1250x2500x80) variable specifications such as the automation of the plate movement and different shaft (1920x1890x3300) as per the specification of the work to be done. It is possible to put pressure with either direct hot air or vacuum membrane press. Our equipment is equipped with security systems against each kind of dangers. It is possible to stick the materials such as natural facing, pvc, abs, finish folio, paint transfer, aluminum and copper.

It would be a great honor for us to share our success that we obtained with you. When compared to other vacuum presses, the vacuum membrane press it is observed that system, economy and quality are different. In our road with the principles have been implementing without conceding, our company has been favored by domestic and foreign companies.

moxabir have been taking being against the ones who obtain undeserved gain, share the advantages of being Manufacturer Company with customers and serve after-sale and manufacture services and help you with all your questions on timber sector as its own duty and will continue on this duty.

We have been carrying on the path with this idea and patience!!!



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