Vacuum Membrane Press Assistant

ASSISTANT VAKUM MEMBRAN PRES, Together with lining of kitchen cabinets, door leafs, chairs and table leafs made of high glass pp leather, PVC foil, transfer foil natural lining with Assistant vacuum membrane press, also lines membrane and nonmembrane 3-d elegant, acute angled slopes, sharp corners, surfaces and edges at the same time in not only furnishing but also in buildings, automotive, steel covering and plastic industry.

  • Systems patented to HAKİ SABIR.
  • Plc controlled automatic usage
  • Ergonomic lift system
  • Manufacture safety systems in accordance with CE standard.
  • Homogenous and economic heat distribution and control
  • Long life structure and higher product quality.
  • Minimum wastage and time saving
  • Can press up to 30 cm thickness
  • Hot air circulation system
  • Process time is between 2-5 minutes.
  • Plc usage options in Turkish, English and Russian.
  • 2 years warranty with nonproblematic equipment, machinery safety systems.
Kullanılan çalışma alanı Used in the working area  Рабочее пространство 2550 x 1250 x 160 mm.-2550 x 1250 x 160 мм.
Azami presleme basıncı Maximum extrusion pressure  Максимальное давление пресса 1. kg / cm²-1 кг/см²
Vakum basıncı Vacuum pressure  Вакуумное давление 37 ton – 750 milibar-37 тон – 750 миллибар
Vakum kapasitesi Vacuum Capacity  Вакуумная емкость 45 m³/h-45 м³/ч
Vakum Motoru Gücü Vacuum Motor Power  Вакуумная мощность двигателя 2 kW – 1400 rpm-2 кВт – 1400 об/мин
Presleme  motoru Özel. Pressing Engine  Пресс двигателя 0.75 kW – 1400 rpm-0.75 кВт – 1400 об/мин
Rezistans ısıtıcı gücü Resistance heating power  Мощность сопротивления нагревателя 34 x 800 W-34 x 800 Вт
Toplam  güç Total power  Полная мощность 30 kW-30 кВт
Makine gövde boyutları Machine dimensions  Размеры станка (д x ш x в) 1600 (e) x 2400 (y) x 2700 (b)-2700 x 2400 x 1600
Makine ağırlığı Machine weight  Вес 760 kg-760 кг