Haki-Ki-CNC Router – 4 – Axis

Minifiks 4600 and CNC machine finish cutting, drilling and banding works 50 to 60 plates of materials like chipboard, mdf (medium density fiberboard) etc. and brings them into ready for packaging per day with 4 elements. It provides time and quality advantages in contract manufacture and serial manufacture. Additional advantages are job safety and worker health. Other machines for scribing, sizing, drilling are not required

Çalışma alanı Working area Рабочая площадь 4000×2200 mm
Z ekseni mesafesi Z axis stroke Расстояние по оси Z 500mm
Spindle motor gücü Electro-spindle type Мощность мотора шпинделя 11 kW HSK F 63 kW
Hareketli magazin  Hızlı Var Tambur Sistem Agrega Uyumlu Rotary magazine Магазин скоростной смены, барабан совместим с совокупной системой  9 lu  
CAD/CAM Program CAD/CAM Программа CAD/CAM Alphacam Essential 2D var
X ekseni hızı X axis speed Скорость по оси Х 80 m/min
Y ekseni hızı Y axis speed Скорость по оси Y 75 m/min
Z ekseni hızı Z axis speed Скорость по оси Z 20 m/min
Max testere çapı Max diameter saw blade Макс. диаметр пилы 200 mm
Vakum bölgesi Vacuum zone Зона вакуума 8 n°
Kurulu güç Installed power Установленная мощность 30 kW
Vakum pompası Vacuum pump Вакуумный насос 300 m³/h
Makinenin Uzunluğu Machine Length Длина станка 6150 mm-6150 мм
Makinenin Genişliği Machine Width Ширина станка 4000 mm-4000 мм
Makinenin Yüksekliği Machine Height Высота станка 2600 mm-2600 мм
Makinenin Ağırlığı Machine Weight Вес станка 5000 kg-5000 кг

Fast, High Performance and Economical…

  • — 8 Agrega-compatible HSK 63 F tandem systems, movable tool changing magazine, patented for Haki SABIR
  • Tray has aluminum (flat) vacuum channels and automatic pistons for reference in part and form connections
  •  It is suitable for automatic loading/unloading,
  • Oily-type Vacuum Pump 300m³
  • Control system: it is an industrial control system (brand: FANUC) and is produced specifically for CNC control. It has feature of controlling 4 axes (X-Y-Z-C).
  • I works under Windows Operating system and can be used easily.
  • —Trouble/free Hardware, Machine safety systems, Warranty of two years.