sabir-makina-hakkimizdaOur firm was founded in 1981 and from then until today we have been servicing in the wooden processing sector. We have introduced many innovations with our systems patented to the Haki Sabır. Our patented machines have gained the deserved appreciation of the users both in our country and over forty countries. Moreover, our firm provides support for the training of our machines and after sales service and contributes to the development of the wooden industry.

In addition to our investments in Turkey, we have made new investments with our firms established in 2001 in Ukraine and in 2008 in Azerbaijan and in 2011 İran and in 2012 Russia. We were reorganized with our sales and productions. Our aim is to bring many new innovations in the future years for better service to the wooden industry.

The increase in our firms’ sales is the best proof of our reliability for the customer preference. It is the basic principle of our firm to give service to its customers with honesty and reliability.

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